- Eat your meals normally during the day even if you’re bottoming or doing a tantric massage. The food you eat in one day will take 24-48 hours to go through you, so the food you eat on the day of our meeting will take two days to go through your digestive tract. You can eat normally on the day of our meeting.

- If you still don’t have my address, please ask me right now. Thank you 

- I'm looking forward to seeing you very soon. Please have the rate in an envelope if possible, and give it to me when we get inside the apt, I like getting the rate out of the way smoothly, and focus on the good time/connection. Even if you use venmo or payment apps, bring cash in an envelope please. Thanks.

- As you read this checklist take a look at my main website again ( and make sure you’re up to date with my rates and the info at, even if you have already read my page in the past. Thanks!

- Don’t ever skip meals before sex. You need the calories, the protein, the energy. Bring your water bottle and protein bars here too ;)

- I have a very special set up at my place (sound system, right lighting, toys, massage equipment, etc) so I prefer hosting. When I travel to you, I have to pack and carry four bags. For outcalls/traveling, I require the Uber roundtrip cost. Outcalls will have an extra charge to cover the travel time according to the rate. In average, outcalls add a total of around 2.5 hours to the process of seeing you (prepping + roundtrip travel time), so that will be reflected in the rate. I recommend outcalls only to very wealthy client's. It's cheaper if I host. 

- Douche/clean up before the meeting, if you'd like to be extra comfortable. The 4.5oz enema they sell at the pharmacy is the perfect size, and amount of water. Replace the liquid that comes in the enema with regular water. At the pharmacy, the enema will look like this:

- Please douche even if we aren’t having sex, just so if in the moment you suddenly feel like it, you’re ready 

- Take a nap and rest before our time together, specially if you woke up very early, or traveled, etc.

- Stay hydrated throughout the day too.

- Make sure you completed the confirmation of our meeting

- Extra points if I don't have to ask you for the envelope or Venmo when we meet :) thanks! 

- I understand if you don’t want to travel with a lot of cash, so please set up all of the payment apps (Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, PayPal) and make sure they’re working, thanks!

- Tips are very welcome, and very appreciated 😃 Thanks!

See you soon ;)

I found this guide online. How to douche/clean up:
1. Buy the small enema at the pharmacy. Dispose of the liquid that comes in the enema. Fill the enema you bought at the pharmacy with room temperature water.
2. Get your hole primed for the nozzle by using a clean, lubed finger to relax it before insertion. Put lube in the insert of the enema as well.
3. Gently hold the nozzle of the enema against your anus, take a deep breath, and slowly and gently insert it while breathing out.
4. Squeeze the douche bulb, bottle, or bag to slowly squirt the liquid.
5. Hold the liquid inside you for a few seconds before letting it out inside the toilet bowl 
6. Before putting more water in, make sure all the water is out. Stay sitting for a while to make sure everything comes out. It helps taking a few steps around then sitting in the toilet again to make sure everything is out.
7. Repeat steps 3-6 until the water running out of you is clean, usually 7-10 times 
For beginners I do not recommend shower enemas, because that might put too much water inside you. Too much water inside you won’t help the cleaning process. The small enema from the pharmacy is better because that way there’s no risk of putting too much water inside you.