- I'm looking forward to seeing you very soon. Please have the rate in an envelope if possible, and give it to me when we get inside the apt, I like getting the rate out of the way smoothly, and focus on the good time/connection. Thanks.
- Eat your meals normally during the day even if you’re bottoming or doing a tantric massage. The food you eat in one day will take 24-48 hours to go through you, so the food you eat on the day of our meeting will take two days to go through your digestive tract. You can eat normally on the day of our meeting.
- Sex is a workout. Don’t ever skip meals before sex. You need the calories, the protein, the energy.
- Douche/clean up before the meeting, if you'd like to discuss this, feel free to ask. The enema they sell at the pharmacy is the perfect size, and amount of water. Replace the liquid that comes in the enema with regular water. At the pharmacy, the enema will look like this:

- Take a nap and rest before our time together, specially if you woke up very early, or traveled, etc.
- Stay hydrated throughout the day too.

Thank you! See you soon ;)