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- Venmo: @DD1777
Zelle: Dean Zelle
CashApp, all other apps available, just ask

Venmo is the best app in my experience. Please install it, the set up takes under 45 seconds. Thanks!

Hey! Thanks for confirming our time together! I meet up by appointment, and I require a 50% security deposit for bookings, sent via Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, apps, mail, my front desk, your front desk, Uber delivery, or any other way you prefer. I’ll set aside the time for you, block my schedule for you, and we'll enjoy our time together. This deposit became necessary to protect my schedule. The experience I offer is upscale, and what I offer is unique: there are no other guys like me out there, I only have 5 star reviews. 
Uber or Lyft also deliver anything: envelopes, packages, magazines, folders, greeting cards, etc. You can put the security deposit inside something discreet, seal it, and ask the Uber to deliver it to me.

Please send me a text after you complete the deposit, thanks.

I also accept cryptocurrencies. There are cryptos such as Monero that have been proved to be completely private, confidential and untraceable. Monero (XMR) is a completely private, untraceable, confidential crypto. Feel free to google and read more about Monero.

You can send Monero to this address:

If you want to send via Bitcoin, ask for my wallet address! 100% confidential and anonymous as well.

When you pay me through the methods listed here, Venmo, CashApp, Coinbase Wallet, my physical therapy clinic's website, etc, I only see a transaction number, and no other information (you can use a nickname, or even just one letter as your desired name in those apps): so all the methods proposed here are 100% confidential. Please refer to the screenshot below, where I used just one random letter. Thank you! I’m looking forward to seeing you soon 🙌

Below is the old version of my confirmation page:


The following is something I send to everyone I get together with. Copying and pasting, nothing personal (posting here because it got too large for texting);

1) I’ll always show up for our time together, and I keep my word. Please venmo me a 50% security deposit to confirm our time and date together. I’ll set aside the time you, and block my schedule for you. This deposit unfortunately became necessary to protect my schedule. I have a doctorate degree, my time is valuable, and so is yours. I have 100% 5 star reviews, but unfortunately clients don’t have reviews. There are internet trolls out there who book just to not show up.

2) Once you send the deposit, I set time aside for you, block my schedule for you, and we’ll be fully confirmed. This measure has to be in place to weed out people who are not serious about meeting. I’m serious about offering you a memorable time, and a great experience. Looking forward to it.

3) A few weeks ago, on a Wednesday, 5 guys canceled on me. And I hadn’t booked anyone else, because they were scheduled. That’s when I realized I needed this security deposit measure. What I offer is unique, and there are no other guys like me out there, so I’ve been doing a security deposit with every client ever since these 5 guys canceled on me. There are trolls out there who book just to not show up.

4) From a rational side, professional escorts on Rent Men have no reason to steal from you, what’s really valuable for an escort is seeing someone multiple times, not just one time, so everyone wants to keep a good reputation. It’s not in my slightest interest to steal chump change, tarnish my reputation, when we can definitely meet 5 times, 10 times, more than that, etc. I have no reason to steal, not a single reason. Everyone I see books me again.

It’s in my full interest to make the full amount, not just 50%, and get together multiple times. Moreover, I think we are going to have a great time too, and I love what I do.

5) I have 100% 5-star reviews. It’s my full interest to make 100% of the donation, not just 50%, and to be the best I can so you’ll want to see me multiple times. I’m a respected professional in healthcare, I have strong standards, and you can fully trust me.

6) In order for us to have a high quality time from the start, including starting from this text exchange, I strongly prefer you give me a vouch of trust (it’ll make me like you more. When you insinuate I’m a scammer, that doesn’t make me like you very much: not great for someone you’re going to have sex with, so things already don’t start off great).

7) I also prefer you make the deposit, so we get part of the rate out of the way smoothly, to make things the least transactional possible and focus on the good time/connection. All my clients pay me the deposit without a problem and I never, ever, ever flaked on anyone. I always show up.

8) I spend around 1-2 hours preparing for our meeting: showering, getting dressed, preparing things for the session, etc. Getting ready and having a no-show is frustrating. Please show up and let’s have a good time.

Why my dentist/physician/etc don’t require a security deposit?
Because they overbook patients. When you book me, I block my schedule for you, and only you, and I never overbook.

• Does this work for you? Send me a text with your thoughts; thank you. I know this is plenty of text, so please re-read it, and I’m sure you can see Reason. I hope you can understand my side.

I also have Zelle if needed. Thank you, I’m looking forward to getting together with you soon.

More anonymous ways of sending the deposit:
Money order