Videocalls and calls 

My pictures are all recent and reflect exactly how I look. But if you wanna see other angles, if you need verification of my looks, hear my voice, etc, the best way is a Live Video Call. I don't send extra selfies or extra pictures, I ONLY do live, real-time video calls because it's the only way there's no question about how I look. Thank you

-> Videocalls: I also offer paid video consultations or voice call options. One more way you'll see me, spend time together, and know I'm real. Let me know if you'd like one, I love videocalls. 
A 30 min videocall is $201. It's an ideal way of keeping in touch, or starting off our connection; a laid back chat, getting to know each other, and if you want, hot fun on camera. If you like verifying guys before meeting in person, this is for you. 

I've learned that whenever there's hot fun on camera, the videochat ends up lasting longer (at least 45 minutes). In case you want to have hot fun in our call, it takes longer to give you the full service, so the rate is $325. If you want to see nudity in the videocall, this is the minimum, even if your schedule allows for only 30 min of videochatting. 1 hour video calls or longer are available as well.

This small donation is in place to weed out people who are not legit. This charge must be in place otherwise I'd spend my entire day doing videochats with people who are not really serious/legit clients. Thanks for your understanding.

A voice call is $100, we can chat as long as we want, I realized 15 minutes is usually the bare minimum to get to know each other. Venmo and Zelle info below. Thank you.

Venmo is the best app in my experience. Please install it, the set up takes under 45 seconds. Thanks!

Venmo: @DD1777
Zelle: Dean Zelleacc
Cashapp, Paypal and other apps available, just ask

Please text me detailing your expectations and preferences for our call. Thanks, I’m looking forward to connecting with you soon.